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The only time you cannot be hacked is when you are neither a computer nor a tree.

Slackware Rules

Addendum to the Declaration of Human Rights:

The unalienable Right to keep and develop and use any Free Operating System and exchange any information thereof shall never be infringed.


Our Mail Policy is very simple

Nobody will ever read any mail send to this maildomain since there are no users to read it because we do not have a mailserver running anyway so good luck & gods speed while trying to get any message trough.

It ain't gonna happen, Ya' Hear!

Anyone enjoying the sheer orgasmic pleasure that I actually read their mail has sufficient funds to buy stamps and would never ever bother me by electronic means.
No human will ever do anything on this machine except to check if it is running.
If YOU are reading this, well... it IS running.

Image of Samurai
Yoshitora linked from the Tokugawa Galery
© The Tokugawa Gallery;
Image of Yoshitora linked from The Tokugawa Gallery.

Declaration of Mail Liberty

DO Listen to the linked audio explanations, which are included for people who are unable to comprehend simple written instructions
Listen to everything in all messages IF you want to learn how NOT to be a Mail-ASSHOLE

Some simple to understand rules about mail are explained here.

If YOUR message is too important to YOU to be ignored, the cost of stamps or a delivery service should be futile to YOU and so should the the pre-payed handling fee of 150 Euros per E-mail message be too.

Your orgasmic pleasure that I will ever read any E-mail is nonexistant.

If you aim to sell me something, even buying stamps and sending a letter will NOT enhance that chance above NIL.

For any messages bigger than 16 KiloBytes (which is the equivalent of 1 fully typed page of A4 in ASCII format), YOU should hire a publisher !

Anything bigger than 4 Kilobytes will not get read either.

Allways send ASCII, the chance that your message will be categorised as spam should decline to 99.9999 %.

Since you where not formally introduced to US you are unable to understand the proper ways as to how WE are to be addressed by the common peasant that you obviously are.

I do not care who or what you are, whome or what you represent nor what your domainname is, was or will be, IF you are on the shitlist You better resort to praying as an alternative mode of communication or try using tomtoms.

Any error messages are mere propaganda, they all lie !

Since inception of Spamipuku®©    ... 15893255 ...     MAILTERRORISTS where thrown into OBLIVION by this system without any human intervention.

If your IP or Domain is listed on the Rejectlist I urge you to learn to communicate with US in a more oldfashioned way, like hiring an ambassador.

As of Sunday 00:00 UTC ... 37213 ... pieces junk were dumped unread.

MAIL IS DEAD !, ..... and frankly, I don't give a damn !

Spamipuku was made to harvest spammer addresses.
NOT to do anything more usefull as deleting mail is.

If you are a decent person and thus offended by rude, graphic, blasphemic, explicit and any other kind of foul and abusive language, you should not read anything from below the pussy.
Be aware, or your soul will burn eternally in every HELL in existence, whether it is of devine or human origin even if one does not exist in your current beliefsystem.
Not to mention that your vocabulary will be enhanced with many uncivil phrases, which will degrade your social standing among your peers.

Any resemblance between the above&below views and those of my MailBitch, my terminal, or the view out my window are purely coincidental.
Any resemblance between the above&below and my own views is non-deterministic.
The question of the existence of views in the absence of anyone to hold them is left as an exercise for the reader.
The question of the existence of the reader is left as an exercise for the second god coefficient.
A discussion of non-orthogonal, non-integral polytheism is beyond the scope of this mailpolicy.

Smart people stop reading and go directly HERE


picture of sleeping kitten with pc mouse

Listen to the rules of this spam game

Ezekiel 25:17

The Devine Creature to whom we all refer to as MailBitch
has a harsh opinion about people sending offending and unsollicited messages.

The only good message from a spammer is its Obituary.

If you can not be bothered to address me in my own language, you better fuck-off immediately.

There is no such thing as innocence on the internet.
IF you think you are innocent, do apply for virginal sainthood elsewhere.
But please be advised about the fact that this position is allready taken by some broad who gave birth to a carpenters' bastard some two millennia ago.
Being the pathetic idiot that you obviously are, you are to retarded to start a Holy War anyway.
So, just Piss-off, will 'Ya .

Complaints about my service ? .... HAVE YOU PAID ?
In that case there isn't any either, so don't bother.

If you do not know how to address me you are to stupid to have any intelligent written communications with me anyway.

So, you really are a fuckhead.
Why the hell do you keep sending garbage to non-existing entities ?

And you are a cocksucker too, ain't 'ya?, mailing from dicktionaries.

If YOU want better treatment, send us all your personal information, any and all bank and tax statements of the last 5 years accompanied by full description, logins and passwords to all your computers, accounts and networks that you have access to.
At least you will have the satisfaction of not being fucked over like any random anonymous bastard like you are now.

Messages from Mailer-Daemons and virus-warning braindeadisms will never be read, I do not give a damn about which piece of your mental filth could not be delivered anyway.

If your MTA states that the messagesize is ZERO, you obviously had nothing to say.
Then YOU have shit-for-brains for sending nothing.

If you are on the shitlist, adhere to these four very simple rules:
Rule 0: Do NOT contact us about anything
Rule 1: Frankly, I don't give a damn.
Rule 2: See all of the above.
Rule 3: There is no rule four.

If you think that you did not spam, excercise that last working braincell of yours and ask yourself this simple question:


Unless you have a really neat way to combine all of the hissing, puffing, moaning, shreiking and the filthy stench emanating from your KIDDYPORN, embedded with all of your personal identifying data into nifty 3D-imagery with artificial touch and smell and an gender dependant narrating holografic neurocerebral interfaces for deaf-blind quadriplegics, dumping all non-ASCII content and mails without a PGP-Header is the default here.
Until then just die by drowning yourself in a sewer or do something useful to benefit the human race like converting yourself into fertilizer.

Comments and remarks are welcome at the RFC822-standards role-account.
The details of which can be found at

    That does NOT include any whining by:
  • fucked-up spammers
  • hapless Windows® users
  • moralistic highhorsed shitheads
  • zealous opinionpeddlers
  • braindead marketoids
  • any other idiot incapable of understanding this mailpolicy
All other retards are free to mail all our Mail-Bitches to be ridiculed ad infinitum.
We will trow the message away as soon as it arrives, like all your other mental filth and send your ip_address on its merry way to all those nice and numerous blocklists.

YES ! This is a SPAMTRAP !

ROOT ? GOD ? ME ? ....The ONLY difference is :

Hear the source of all EVIL that made YOU this STUPID

In case you are now seriously offended by my sermon: Decent people, with at least 1 working braincell, would NOT have scrolled down and read all of the above after being duly warned!
So, fuck-off and go kill yourself as an act of mercy for humanity, it will save some trees too.


This picture is the Property and Copyright© of Oleg Volk Read the Copyright and use rules on the Oleg Volk site

The natural right of Selfdefense existed millennia before man invented all those gods and governments,
firearms are merely a better tool than a stone axe

The UNITED NATIONS declared that only states may have it. http://www.spammesenseless VOX POPULI

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